My New Ride

I got a new bike.  A men’s Miele road bike.  Even before the cash had left my long fingers, I had decided to immediately trade out the original black tires and ugly 1980s foam handlebars.  I was dying to personalize this beauty and make it mine.  Back at home, I mentally ran through the colour spectrum settling on electric blue tires and matching grips.  Kinda over the top but it’s my first road bike and I want it to be flashy.  The bike store owner instinctually wasn’t feeling the blue and after testing it out myself, she was right.  Her suggestions for accent colour alternatives were lime green, white, fuchsia or red.

Trying out various colour combinations, the other store customers were absorbed into the decision process too.  I wasn’t into the lime green (too popular) or white (too boring) but we all agreed that the bike looked slick with red tires and grips.  Many liked the fuchsia as well, which I opposed because I didn’t want my bike to look too girly.  The frame is baby pink; my attempts to avoid a girly looking bike were basically shot from day one.

I opted for the red.  She looks like a cinammon heart and cotton candy explosion and has aptly been named Candyland.  Here she is.

My next bike post will focus on how I dress for riding when everything I own is short and tight.