Kickin’ It for Spring

Fun florals

I’m grateful and excited to be styling an amazing Spring photo shoot in a couple of weeks (juicy details to come!).  So it’s fitting that I post a few Spring outfits to get me in the mood.

I guess not a lot has changed since February 2011 when I blogged about Wearing More Patterns. Layering patterns is now more widely embraced than even a couple of years ago; they evoke nods of approval instead of stares of confusion.  I love this fashion shift; beige on beige was killing my soul.

The key to mixing patterns is to ensure each print contains a common colour; this is what adds cohesiveness to the outfit.  Below are three Spring outfits that demonstrate how to pull multiple patterns off.  I’m a big proponent of elastic waistbands so these outfits aren’t only head turners, they’re comfortable too.

Mix and match metallics.  A hot gold blazer, silver joggers and metallic green heels are definitely a winning combo.  Add a clean black purse to complete the outfit and you’re good to go.

MetallicsShoes and purse










(Blazer from Ark and Co via Citizen Grace, joggers from TOPSHOP, purse from Erin Templeton and shoes from Sergio Rossi at The Room).

Multiple floral patterns keep it fresh.  The cherry blossoms have painted Vancouver pink, the tulips are blooming and you’re layering floral prints in support of it all.  Here, fuchsia ties the blouse and skirt together quite nicely.  Tuck in the blouse to emphasize your waist and anchor the ensemble with solid-coloured pumps.

Flowers top and bottomAccessories - Floral

(Blouse by Mary Katrantzou for TOPSHOP, skirt from ZARA, clutch from NastyGal, pumps from TOPSHOP, flowers by the wonderful Eve).

The multi-patterned shift dress.  Don’t feel confident mixing and matching quite yet?  Let the dress do it for you.  This shift combines multiple colours and varying pattern sizes.  The riskiness of the multiple prints is offset by the dress’ simple shape.  A blouse collar in a similar leaf pattern adds depth to the ensemble.  Solid black heels and a painterly envelop clutch take the outfit from sweet daytime picnic to sultry night-time stumble home.

Shift dress

AccessoriesShift dress from ZARA, blouse from TOPSHOP, purse from & Other Stories, shoes by Diane von Furstenberg.

Now, if you don’t know where to start in terms of pattern mixing, do what I do: throw on a few pieces at random and see how they make you feel.  Your clothes, and not playing it safe with them, just may surprise you!

(All photos by Superfora)



Jungle Consistency

The price of pillows in decor shops is heartbreaking.  A typical pillow can run you $60-$90 per unit. That’s right: the equivalent of a pair of shoes.  Or several bottles of wine.

Lucky for me, I have an incredible friend Jordan, who offered to make custom-made pillows for me. I rode my bike to Dressew on a beautiful, sunny day, chose my favourite fabrics and passed them along to Jordan between her man story and our charming picnic.  A mere days later, the pillows are complete.  My hero!  She made them during her lunch break at Fluff and saved me nearly $200 in the process.

Not only do they look fantastic, but they eerily resemble the way I dress.


Jungle outfits

Some may call me predictable.  I call it consistency.

In keeping with the Jungle theme…a smooth jam for your Thursday morning commute:


The Urban Turban


(My old Topshop crew: Eve, Daniel and Gabby)

For a couple of years now, I’ve been wearing head scarves when I really want to make a statement with my outfit. It’s such a simple way to make a big impact.

Head scarves have been in and out of style for decades, championed by ladies of the likes of Brigitte Bardot to Nicole Richie.  I learned my preferred style from a cute French girl named Valentine. Based on Valentine’s 1 Foulard, 3 Possibilites (1 scarf, 3 possibilities), follow these easy steps to achieve a standout look:

1. Use a colourful scarf that is at least 30×30 inches.  Fold it diagonally in half so that it is the shape of an isosceles.  The bigger the scarf, the more dramatic the look as the excess will sit at the top of your head.

Dior scarf

2. Wrap the hypotenuse of the scarf around the nape of your head, with tip and ends in front of you (see lower left photo). With the triangle’s tip falling in front of your face, tie the ends tightly around your forehead.  This is what keeps the scarf in place so ensure it is secured tightly.

3. Pulling the triangle tip back over the first tie, tie the ends one more time to create a knot (see lower right photo).

Step 2Knot tied










4. Tie a bow to polish it up and ta-da – it looks amazing!  And honest to God, the compliments will start rolling in.    Optional: use hair pins in the back to keep the head scarf in place.

Urban Turban2

(Photos by the beautiful Tarah Ferguson)


Square Root Game


(artwork by Luna Simic)

When I was 9, my oldest and math-obsessed brother taught me how to figure out the square root of any whole number between 100 and 10,000 (try me).  We “played” the square root game all throughout my childhood, between him bench-pressing me as part of his workouts and me beating him at 1-on-1 on the basketball court.

We had some pretty high square-root-game standards: if it took any longer than 4 seconds to solve, it was considered a failure.  Uttering an incorrect answer caused pure shame.

It’s a fairly good party trick that I’ve used time and time again.  If not to impress people, then at least to demonstrate my odd love of numbers and calculations.  My brother made me promise never to tell a soul. And because I have been sworn to secrecy,  I challenge inquirers to figure it out for themselves.  Some have impressively managed to do so, while some have threatened to stop talking to me out of frustration.

To commemorate my weird definition of “fun” and Simon’s tolerance of said fun when I’m on a roll, the beautiful genius that is Luna made the above artwork as part of our vacation-themed photo book wedding gift.

Happy Saturday, readers!  May your quirks be immortalized by your friends too one day.

Summer Photo Shoot Pics Are Up!

photo shoot

Today, I’m super excited to share with Superfora readers a photo shoot that I styled back in July! Now this isn’t just any styling gig.  It’s my photo concept come to life.  And I’m hella proud of the way it turned out.

The idea came to me while working at Topshop, when it occurred to me that TOPMAN’s clothes, which had an abundance of traditional feminine prints like florals and animal prints, would look incredible on glam females.  With a concept in mind, I scouted the location on one of my bike rides home from work.  The famous uphill ride from the seawall to Broadway, although borderline gruelling, offered colourful residential and industrial backdrops.

So I teamed up with a talented photographer and together we engaged amazing models as well as hair and makeup artists.  I feel so lucky and so grateful that the day went off without a hitch.  We worked hard, had fun (see behind the scenes photo above) and in my biased opinion, did amazingly well.

Allow yourself to be transported back to a hazy Summer and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to the models, Avery and Ripley, the photographer, Rachelle Simoneau, hairstylist, Alicia Rollins, and makeup artist, Marlayna Pincott. xo


(All clothes are TOPMAN, accessories are Topshop and my own, green shorts c/o Simon)

The Shoebox Project

My shoebox

Last month, I was approached by a great (and big hearted!) friend, Sarah, to participate in the Shoebox Project.  The Shoebox project “is a non-profit initiative that asks people to fill a shoebox with little luxuries (valued at $50) and deliver it to a drop off location in their community. Local volunteers deliver these gift boxes to women living in shelters during the holidays and throughout the year.”

Sarah enlisted approximately 30 of her friends to put together a shoebox each.  It was fun!  We compared shoeboxes at our office to see what each of us was giving and went shopping for items on our lunch break together.  And, as friends told friends and family about the initiative, the beautiful Sarah managed to collect no less than 70 boxes for women in shelters!!  What a feat!

Thank you Sarah for sharing and leading this amazing gift giving opportunity.  We are all better off because of your gesture.

Shoebox Project(Photo via Sarah)

Happy Weekend, Guys!

I leave you with Simon’s latest hilarious dream.  Potential novelist?