My Latest Styling Gig – Contessa

A couple of months ago, I helped my crazy talented hairstylist friend Alicia Rollins with her 2015 Contessa submission by agreeing to style her gorgeous models for the competition.  The theme she chose was modern day superhero, which was quite fitting as the hair styles she created were out of this world (and superheroes show off by flying all over the place, right?).

For the costumes, I opted to use a mix of metallics and textured blacks.  I draped the beautiful cape, created by local superstar designer Evan Clayton, over the shoulders of every model to create a cohesive superhero look.

The final product is stellar and I’m so happy to finally be able to share these photos with you!  Alicia was selected as a finalist in the multicultural category yesterday and I know she is going to take home the gold on November 9th!  Go Team ALICIA!

Contessa EveContessa TanysContessa ShantiModels: Eve Obayoriade, Tanys Norcott, Shanti Singh

Photographer: Mark Yammine

Makeup Artist: Jenna Delaney


A Weekend in Split

Diocletian palace

We drove to Split, in Southern Croatia, with Klaudija and Ante, friends who acted as our awesome tour guides (thanks dudes!).  What a beauty place!  Centered around the 4th century Diocletian Palace and right on the Adriatic riviera, Split has culture, beaches, beautiful weather and hundreds of people-watching cafes from which to drink delicious lattes.  We were happy there.

Below is our trip in pictures.

Cute Simon on our “street”.

our street

The stunning Split riviera with the Diocletian palace as its backdrop.Split riviera


Exploring the palace.

In the windowpurple flowers

A hole in the ceiling – or a planet from afar?


A very relaxed Simon on the riva (boardwalk).

Split day1

Sitting down for our first, and much-anticipated, all-seafood meal.  My stomach is smiling.Outfit


The mesmerizing palace at night.split night

Chilling.Chilling - Split


A maze of beautiful ancient streets.Night time in Split


Down time.Drinks

Happy bosses.haps

The Diamond A Girl Really Needs

white clutch

I’ve been gushing over one of my favourite accessories – a diamond clutch – for almost a year now. I could try to be subtle about it but when it comes to things I love, subtlety is not my strong suit.

A local designer and fashion student, 25-year old Sherry Chen is the creator of the diamond clutch, which is quietly growing a pretty large following.  A cute and clever design coupled with fully customizable fabrics and trims makes this diamond clutch the perfect accessory for…well, anybody.  Affordable pricing is icing on the cake.

I recently interviewed the charming Chen, originally of Chengdu, China (the city of pandas!), about where the diamond clutch originates from, who her style inspiration is and what she is planning for the future.

diamond clutches

(Superfora) Hi Sherry!  I appreciate you taking the time to let me interview you, in between classes and running your own business.  What prompted you to make your first diamond clutch?  What was your inspiration?

Sherry Chen (SC): Exactly one year ago, I finalized my decision to transfer from economics to fashion school.  I knew I needed to make something related to my new major but I didn’t have any basic knowledge of making clothes so purses were the easiest starting point for me.  My original inspiration for the diamond clutch came from the quote “pressure makes diamonds.”  The quote is also one of my tattoos now.
Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 7.50.46 AM
(Superfora) Learning to deal with hardships builds character and makes a person shine.  A timeless quote.  How/where did you promote your first clutch?

(SC) When I first finished my Tiffany blue diamond, I was so excited and posted it on Instagram.  My friend immediately texted saying she wanted to buy one.  That’s when I decided to produce and sell it so I kept posting my designs on Instagram and Weibe, a Chinese twitter.
(Superfora) I’ve witnessed your long list of purse orders!  Did you imagine the response to your diamond clutches would be so positive?  Was it difficult to keep up with demand?

(SC) When I first started to sell the diamond clutch, I had a lot of Chinese social media followers from my time in retail.  They all loved the diamond so it sort of became the symbol of my brand.  And their positive response helped me believe that other people would love it too.  I am the only one working on my products and all of my bags are handmade so it’s a challenge to keep up with demand.  But I am managing!

(Superfora) When did you decide to drop out of the economics program you were in to pursue fashion school?

(SC) My family always wanted me to study economics or a business-related program before I decided to study abroad.  I therefore went to the SFU economics program.  However, during the past 4 years, including 2 years of working experience at a local retailer, I felt that the fashion industry was my path. I love it.  I grew up in a chic family; my mum loved styling me when I was little and she trained my fashion sense.  I started reading Chinese Vogue when I was 12.  But fashion was my daydream, I never thought I would be part of it.  I decided to leave SFU economics when I was in my last year.  It is never too late to do something [new].  I was afraid that I would regret not following my heart so I transferred programs and schools.
sewing desk

(Superfora) My mom definitely influenced my style and love of patterns and colours and, I can obviously relate to being an economist turned fashion junkie.  You’ve expanded your purse line to include standard envelope shaped clutches in fun prints such as zebra. Which of your purses is your favourite?

(SC) The diamond clutch is of course my fave because it represents the beginning.  It’s the most meaningful to me.zebra clutch

(Superfora) How is living in Canada different from how your life was in China?  Do you think Vancouver has been very receptive to your designs despite being a laid back city?  Do you see yourself staying in Vancouver?

(SC) I feel Canada is more free and relaxed than China.  And I appreciate that Canada gives me more of a chance to promote my handmade bags and jewelry, which is so hard in China if you are nobody. I love Vancity but I’m not sure that I will stay here after I graduate.  I want to go to UK to learn more or move to Montreal to see if there are any new opportunities for me.
Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 7.29.09 PM
(Superfora) I would hate to see you leave, Sherry, but I understand why you are eager to experience new places.  I imagine fashion school has helped you dream up many new ideas.  What can we expect next?

(SC) Clothing!  As a fashion design student, my major courses are leading us to make clothes.  It’s been difficult to learn but I am trying my best to explore myself.  My goal is to be an independent designer in the future and create my own style brand.

(Superfora) Your fans can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve Sherry, literally.

For pricing and purchasing inquiries, email Sherry at  To stay abreast of her new designs, follow her on Instagram.

(All images via Sherry Chen)

Styling Jillian Harris – Part.1

BTS Jillian Harris shoot

It’s a holiday today and we are on the cusp of Summer in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. I’m feeling pretty lucky today.

My work situation ain’t too shabby either; my colleagues make me laugh all day long in a great work environment and I have personal projects that keep me challenged and inspired when I’m not crunching numbers at my desk.

Case in point: the photo shoot I am sharing today, which I alluded to in an earlier post.  Some background: I was approached by Jillian Harris, host of Love It or List It Vancouver, to style a Spring photo shoot with her and all-star photographer, Janis Nicolay.  Saying no to this would be like saying no to rum slushies at Third beach on a sunny day.

To stay true to Jillian’s style, we opted for preppier looks, complemented by an abundance of colour and prints. Every outfit was very distinct yet still very her.  Working with Jillian and Janis could not have been easier.  Nor sweeter!  They are lovely.  And so are the photos.

To read Jillian’s take on the two looks, read here and here.

Ps. Check back soon for part 2.  Woo!

Midi skirt2Midi skirt 4Midi skirt and clutch

Midi skirt5

Floral pants1nicolay-harris2Floral pants closeup

(All photos by the very talented Janis Nicolay)

Zebra clutch by local designer Sherry Chen.  Follow this talented little import on Instagram: @littlesherrybigchen

J. Crew Diversifies its SS14 Offering with Sophia Webster Collab

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 7.27.10 AM

(Photo via Net-A-Porter)

Although I can appreciate J. Crew’s classic design, it’s typically too preppy for my style.  Enter Sophia Webster, the British accessories designer who made butterflies, peacock feathers and 3-D flowers shoe worthy and my neck is hurting from all the head turning this collaboration is causing!

Webster’s collection for the American retail giant boasts 13 pairs of heels that represent Webster’s playful shapes but embrace J. Crew’s prints and colour palette, according to Metro UK.

According to Ms. Webster, the collection for the J. Crew brand was a collaboration in the “truest sense”.  “Jenna and the team picked their favourite styles and […] I was given the freedom to interpret the J.Crew look and blend it with my own.  I felt like a girl in a sweet shop!” (

Below are some of my favourite styles from the collaboration.

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 7.59.26 AMScreen shot 2014-05-08 at 8.01.44 AMScreen shot 2014-05-08 at 8.03.21 AM

(Photos via

Kickin’ It for Spring

Fun florals

I’m grateful and excited to be styling an amazing Spring photo shoot in a couple of weeks (juicy details to come!).  So it’s fitting that I post a few Spring outfits to get me in the mood.

I guess not a lot has changed since February 2011 when I blogged about Wearing More Patterns. Layering patterns is now more widely embraced than even a couple of years ago; they evoke nods of approval instead of stares of confusion.  I love this fashion shift; beige on beige was killing my soul.

The key to mixing patterns is to ensure each print contains a common colour; this is what adds cohesiveness to the outfit.  Below are three Spring outfits that demonstrate how to pull multiple patterns off.  I’m a big proponent of elastic waistbands so these outfits aren’t only head turners, they’re comfortable too.

Mix and match metallics.  A hot gold blazer, silver joggers and metallic green heels are definitely a winning combo.  Add a clean black purse to complete the outfit and you’re good to go.

MetallicsShoes and purse










(Blazer from Ark and Co via Citizen Grace, joggers from TOPSHOP, purse from Erin Templeton and shoes from Sergio Rossi at The Room).

Multiple floral patterns keep it fresh.  The cherry blossoms have painted Vancouver pink, the tulips are blooming and you’re layering floral prints in support of it all.  Here, fuchsia ties the blouse and skirt together quite nicely.  Tuck in the blouse to emphasize your waist and anchor the ensemble with solid-coloured pumps.

Flowers top and bottomAccessories - Floral

(Blouse by Mary Katrantzou for TOPSHOP, skirt from ZARA, clutch from NastyGal, pumps from TOPSHOP, flowers by the wonderful Eve).

The multi-patterned shift dress.  Don’t feel confident mixing and matching quite yet?  Let the dress do it for you.  This shift combines multiple colours and varying pattern sizes.  The riskiness of the multiple prints is offset by the dress’ simple shape.  A blouse collar in a similar leaf pattern adds depth to the ensemble.  Solid black heels and a painterly envelop clutch take the outfit from sweet daytime picnic to sultry night-time stumble home.

Shift dress

AccessoriesShift dress from ZARA, blouse from TOPSHOP, purse from & Other Stories, shoes by Diane von Furstenberg.

Now, if you don’t know where to start in terms of pattern mixing, do what I do: throw on a few pieces at random and see how they make you feel.  Your clothes, and not playing it safe with them, just may surprise you!

(All photos by Superfora)


Better Than Zovcock

Zovcock gift!

This week, I received a belated wedding gift from one of my best friends, Ashly (wifey).  She designed and created personalized Zovcock stationary, each one individually hand stamped.  To remind you, Zovcock is an amalgamation of my maiden name (Zovko) and my husband’s name (Woodcock). It’s also the #1 name amalgamation ever created (as voted by a very biased person). Immortalizing our name via stationary is even better than Zovcock itself.

If you don’t know me personally, Ashly’s gift is perfect for me.  Here’s why:

  • I am, and always have been, a big fan of stationary and other paper goods
  • The love and thoughtfulness that go into hand-made gifts is very important to me
  • Owning anything that is stamped “Zovcock” is simply hilarious

Basically, a gift that is humourous, loving and useful ranks high for me.  I’ve included some pictures of Ashly’s process below.

1. Ashly created the template for the Zovcock font by blowing up a photo of our wedding invite.  She then hand-carved “Zovcock” letter by letter to create a stamp.

Blank template

2. When complete, Ashly coated the stamp in red paint and used the tool at right to ensure paint was spread evenly on each page during the transfer.Zovcock printing

3. Ashly had the patience to hand stamp 100 Zovcock pages.  God bless her heart.  100 Zovcocks(Photos and Talent by Ashly Van Steele)

There you have it.  If you want to make your loved one feel extra giddy this holiday season, try making them some personalized stationary.  You can even add a clever drawing or two.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Zovcocks to get to…