Square Root Game


(artwork by Luna Simic)

When I was 9, my oldest and math-obsessed brother taught me how to figure out the square root of any whole number between 100 and 10,000 (try me).  We “played” the square root game all throughout my childhood, between him bench-pressing me as part of his workouts and me beating him at 1-on-1 on the basketball court.

We had some pretty high square-root-game standards: if it took any longer than 4 seconds to solve, it was considered a failure.  Uttering an incorrect answer caused pure shame.

It’s a fairly good party trick that I’ve used time and time again.  If not to impress people, then at least to demonstrate my odd love of numbers and calculations.  My brother made me promise never to tell a soul. And because I have been sworn to secrecy,  I challenge inquirers to figure it out for themselves.  Some have impressively managed to do so, while some have threatened to stop talking to me out of frustration.

To commemorate my weird definition of “fun” and Simon’s tolerance of said fun when I’m on a roll, the beautiful genius that is Luna made the above artwork as part of our vacation-themed photo book wedding gift.

Happy Saturday, readers!  May your quirks be immortalized by your friends too one day.


They’ve Arrived!

And by “they”, I mean our wedding invites.

Brilliant Natalia Grosner conceptualized and executed one of the most complicated projects I’ve ever seen.  And the result is astounding!  This undertaking took over two and half months from start to finish and was worth every minute.

Below is a sneak peek of the finished product.

Invite preview

Once our guests receive their own copies, I will post the complete invite (front to back) on Superfora. Stay tuned.

Oh Yeah, I Was in the Globe and Mail

Globe Style cover

No, not as the model.

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to be one of the style experts interviewed by Tiyana Grulovic for her Globe Style piece on the best swimwear of Summer.  We discussed trends I am seeing at TOPSHOP and feedback I’ve received from Personal Shopping clients.  The article was complemented by beautiful photos taken on location in Austin, Texas (above, below).

The quotes are very short but exciting nonetheless.  See them below.

Sandra Zovko, a personal shopper at Topshop in Vancouver, is noticing a similar shift. “A lot of my clients are buying onepieces now or sophisticated, retro-inspired suits. [A suit with] high-waisted bottoms was one of our best trend pieces. It sold out in a matter of days,” she says.

Try a retro fit. A high-waisted bikini bottom offers excellent coverage, yet, as one client told Topshop’s Zovko, “It makes you feel like Sophia Loren on the Mediterranean.”

Today, quoted by the Globe and Mail, tomorrow meltdown captured by TMZ.  You can read the entire article here.

Globe Style SwimwearGlobe one-piece(Photos by Claudia Grassi for the Globe and Mail)

Thanks, Tomica!

Today, I’m sad to announce that my partner in crime, Tomica, is stepping down from her writing post at Superfora.

We started Superfora because Tomica was convinced we’d be good at it.  After dismissing the idea again and again, I’m so grateful for her persistence.  Without it, I never would have found my calling as a totally average blog writer who loves to talk about her clothes and friends.

Tomica: you’re brilliant and I’ve loved sharing Superfora with you for 1.5 years!  If you ever need a platform to vent, brag or talk aimlessly, feel free to come back for a guest post.  Puno te volim, Bebo!  xo


Babe on Bike Monday: Preetom

I’m starting off Babes on Bikes week with my lovely friend Preetom.  You may have seen her in Toronto’s west end, accompanied by her best pal Mikki.  Preetom’s not only va-va-voom hot, she’s super hilarious. You’ll find her perfecting her puns at any given moment.

The baby blue ride is Preetom’s third in the last little while.  She recounts her bike history:

I sort of don’t like this bike but being 4’11”, I have few choices unless I want to be relegated to a child’s bike.  I got her on Craigslist and don’t feel a bond with it like my previous red bike – the Babe Magnet.  I had another black BMX and found that it attracted different types of babes, like more piercings and tattoos.  DIFFERENT SPOKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS.

Despite not being a babe magnet, Preetom’s current bike is super functional with two baskets (one for Mikki).  She tops it off with a short t-shirt dress, which is perfect for riding.  I’m pretty sure Mikki approves too.

(Photos by Julie Groulx)

Visit Superfora tomorrow to see Tuesday’s hot babe on her bike.

Love Prélude

Hi there, I’m back! It’s been so long since I’ve hit the blogosphere I almost forgot how to post. The reasons for my long absence include incredibly busy work days, a 6-month long house guest (hi Klauds! We miss you!) , a family reunion on my home turf (I don’t think you’d be writing either with 7 people cramped in your 1-bedroom apartment) and the fact that I literally can’t keep my eyes open past 9 pm if I’m in a lying (or even seated) position.  Plus, Sandra did such a great job keeping you abreast of her daily outfits and fabulous vintage finds that I’ve allowed myself to get a bit lazy.

But today I got inspired to get back into the groove (also, it’s the first time I found myself home alone in months). The source of my inspiration is a new blog called Love Prélude, recently started by my “fifth sister” (we’re so close she’s considered family) and one of my favourite people in the world – Tatyana.

Here’s how Tatyana explains the concept behind Love Prélude:

“A hopeless romantic and a secret social anthropologist, I created this blog to showcase a collection of photographs and stories on couples that answers the question, “how did you meet?“. I’m searching for introductions that range from the bizarre to the sweet to the downright unimaginable. But don’t worry, you won’t get a cavity from the sweetness dripping from every post – the stories might get cute but no prom-posing photos allowed! “

That pretty much sums it up. I’m not what you would call the most romantic person in the world, but after reading the first few stories (real stories from real people) I realized that that they were actually about magic. They simply capture a serendipitous moment – when you make that special connection with someone completely out of the blue, when you’re least expecting it. They remind us of how a chance encounter or a random decision can change your life forever – or at least brighten up a really shitty week.  Whether or not these couples continue to live happily ever after is beside the point. In today’s world of internet dating, the odds of meeting someone by accident and giving them a chance (or some cherries) are slim to none.  But it’s that accidental meeting and initial spark that great stories are made of.

Tatyana, I wish you lots of luck with your new endeavor and I can’t wait to keep reading Love Prélude for my daily break from cynicism.

Visit http://theloveprelude.wordpress.com

A scene from Before Sunrise.

Postponed Friday


The lighting in our apartment is dreadful this morning (Vancouver rain/darkness) so I am postponing my Friday knit (which is quite cute by the way) to Saturday.