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I leave you with Simon’s latest hilarious dream.  Potential novelist?



Video Stars

Hi Readers!

So today I’m going to try something I haven’t done in a while…talk about someone other than myself on here.  When I started Superfora, part of what I loved about it was that it gave me a platform to talk about my super talented friends (for example, here, here annnnd here) and I need to do more of that.

Today I’m featuring my friends Tarah Ferguson and Tony Vu.  Each have their own YouTube channel, which I want to share with you because their shows are hilarious and addictive.  Not to mention, I’m super proud of them.  So, I interviewed them to find out what pushed them to start their YouTube channels and how it’s going so far.  I also included my favourite videos at the end of each interview.


(Superfora) Why did you decide to start Tarah TV?

(TF) I have always been amazed by all the incredible people I meet.  Through my day job, I created Tarah Talking Tech as a platform for entrepreneurs to share their start-up stories, to essentially inspire others to believe in themselves & their ideas as well.  Tarah Talking At U was created more for women and provides easy DIY tips and tricks for women to look and feel their best.

(S) I love your DIY tips!  Who are you trying to target with your videos?

(TF) My 25 year old self:)

(S) I take it you don’t want to elaborate:)  What is the biggest challenge in making your videos?  What have you learned about yourself?

(TF) The biggest challenge with making the videos is 100% the editing.  I pretty much teach myself as I go along and I am always trying to make each one better than the last.  It is definitely a labour of LOVE.  What I have learned while doing Tarah Talking At U, is that I am not interested in being the expert on the show, but rather interviewing the experts, and I am excited to do more of that in 2014.

(S) You definitely have a knack for getting people to open up.  What kind of feedback have you been receiving?

(TF) I was sooooo scared to publish the videos because I was afraid of all the negative comments I would receive.  Funny enough, after 18 videos, I have yet to receive one negative comment – knock on wood. The feedback has been really positive. I have people sharing my videos with their friends and family and have also received requests to shoot videos for other organizations, so the opportunities that have arose have been pretty amazing.

(S) That sounds exciting!  What type of video requests?

(TF) Last month I was invited to interview some of New York City’s most notable women, for a video series entitled Women of New York, that will be published online next Spring.  This is seriously a dream come true and it never would have happened had I not started the videos.

Congrats Tarah on blowing it out of the water in your first season!  Watch my favourite Tarah Talking At U video here (yes, it’s clothes related).


(Superfora) Why did you decide to start tonyvousTV? Aside from your initials being TV!
(Tony Vu) A lot of people kept telling me that I needed my own reality TV show; which sparked the idea of something a little more tangible – a YouTube channel!  However, it took me a few years to actually man up and create something where I would open up my life to the world because I never thought I had anything special going on.  I began to follow a bunch of the popular YouTubers and found myself smiling or laughing with all of their videos.  Then I realized that’s all I wanted to do as well, so I started “tonyvous” to try and get at least one person to laugh along with me.  I also not so secretly felt that the world needed a little more sass.

(S) You are definitely the individual to deliver some sass.  Who are you trying to target with your videos?

(TV) Ideally I’d like to target the mass population and run the world with my videos, but I figured I’d start somewhere small. I mean it took Beyoncé some time, right?  My channel currently caters to an audience that ranges from high school students to striving whatevers in their mid to late 20s, with a few exceptions of course. Those who have a love for fashion, being #supakawaii, and getting into trouble with their close circle of friends are most likely to gravitate towards my videos as well.

(S) This is why I am an extremely loyal fan.  What is the biggest challenge in making your videos?

(TV) When I first started making videos, the biggest challenge for me was talking in front of the camera. It’s not alive, so who exactly was I talking to? What do I say?  Do I look at it?  Oh, and don’t forget to blink!  Now my biggest challenge is coming up with content to film and things to talk about.

(S) I bet you keep forgetting to blink because you are always trying to smeyes.  What kind of feedback have you been receiving?

(TV) So far I’ve been getting A LOT of positive feedback!  I LOVE seeing the comments and hearing the things everyone has to say. I also squeal like a little girl when people quote my videos and use my dorky phrases in everyday life. Not only because it strokes my ego a little bit, but because it means I’m achieving my initial goal – to make at least one person laugh. The amount of support I’ve also received has been amazing and that’s one of the main reasons why I continue to put out my weekly vlogs.

Thanks, Tony!  And congrats on successfully turning all of us into your precious little vous-ers. Watch my favourite tonyvous video here and make sure to turn the volume up at 1:40min.

There you have it – two up and comers that you need to know about!  Check out their youtube channels for many more amazing episodes and to subscribe: Tarah Ferguson & Tony Vous

My “Harley Davidson” Vest

I got this incredible Harley Davidson denim vest while in lovely Portland over the long weekend.  It was the first item of many that I laid eyes on and snapped up at the infamous House of Vintage, which has up to 60 consignees selling you awesome stuff.  Simon spotted it first and knew it’d be perfect for me.

Obviously, the “Harley Davidson” logo is a DIY embroidery by some hilarious lady.  To compare, below is a photo of Harley Davidson’s actual logo.

I think what I love most about this awesome fitting, perfectly on-trend denim vest is that it’s vintage Banana Republic.  Haha totally badass.  Don’t mess with me, I might force you to wear pleated pants.

A super slick vest nonetheless.

The Best Guest

I spent a lovely few days in Toronto this past weekend.  Spearheaded by my undying desire to surprise my friends any and all the time, I flew the red-eye on Thursday night and arrived bright and early Friday morning.  After a full day of drinking Turkish coffee and baking with my mom’s great friend Ruza, I headed downtown.  I was expected to arrive to Natalia’s 30th birthday bash at midnight as I lied about my arrival time but instead rolled in 4 hours earlier, at 8pm.

Was she totally surprised?  Yes folks, even when I’m 100% expected to be somewhere, I can pull off a surprise.  I had to get creative but I totally pulled it off.  The 4-hour surprise, however, was not the highlight of the soiree.  That title belongs to the aging rocker dude – a Rod Stewart look-a-like – who crashed our party, hit on all the girls, allowed us to take one million photos of him, repeatedly handed out his business card and was the talk of the night.

I’m pretty sure Natalia couldn’t have asked for a better party guest.

Natalia and Rocker dude, snapped by the talented Mikey DePippo.  Several more photos to follow.

We Killed It

Our Switcheroo photos are finally up and, of course, Simon looks better than I do in both outfits. Before you check ’em out below, put down your fork or pen or any other sharp objects.  Safety first.

I’m so happy I wore a cropped top.

(Photography by Sincerely Hana)

What I love about this photo shoot, aside from Simon’s abs and pure bravery is that we, the subjects, were responsible for choosing the clothes and the location.  So it was kind of a joint effort to put this all together, with the brains and talent courtesy of our lovely photographer, Sincerely Hana.

I couldn’t keep a straight face in the second shot to save my life.  I kept thinking about how ridiculous/amazing Simon would turn out on film.

For more of the ongoing Switcheroo series, click here.


Remember when I dressed up as Simon for Hallowe’en last year?  Turns out that helped us get a gig as models for a local Vancouver photographer named Sincerely Hana in her ongoing photo series Switcheroo.  Hana used a simple idea but because she did it so well and with so much interest, has been able to carry Switcheroo extremely far.  I tip my hat to her.

Below is a sneak peak at what you can expect from me and Simon in the very near future.  I wore a cropped top, short shorts and a silk turban to the shoot.

(All photos by Sincerely Hana)

For those of you who were dying to see Simon in my clothes last Hallowe’en, stay tuned.  The photos should be up any day now.  I’ll post them on Superfora as soon as I get the OK from Simon.

When Couples Start to Look Like Each Other

My last-minute Halloween costume idea on Monday was to dress up as Simon.  It took next to no effort yet it turned out amazingly well.

Now comes the difficult part: convincing Simon to dress up as me.