The Urban Turban


(My old Topshop crew: Eve, Daniel and Gabby)

For a couple of years now, I’ve been wearing head scarves when I really want to make a statement with my outfit. It’s such a simple way to make a big impact.

Head scarves have been in and out of style for decades, championed by ladies of the likes of Brigitte Bardot to Nicole Richie.  I learned my preferred style from a cute French girl named Valentine. Based on Valentine’s 1 Foulard, 3 Possibilites (1 scarf, 3 possibilities), follow these easy steps to achieve a standout look:

1. Use a colourful scarf that is at least 30×30 inches.  Fold it diagonally in half so that it is the shape of an isosceles.  The bigger the scarf, the more dramatic the look as the excess will sit at the top of your head.

Dior scarf

2. Wrap the hypotenuse of the scarf around the nape of your head, with tip and ends in front of you (see lower left photo). With the triangle’s tip falling in front of your face, tie the ends tightly around your forehead.  This is what keeps the scarf in place so ensure it is secured tightly.

3. Pulling the triangle tip back over the first tie, tie the ends one more time to create a knot (see lower right photo).

Step 2Knot tied










4. Tie a bow to polish it up and ta-da – it looks amazing!  And honest to God, the compliments will start rolling in.    Optional: use hair pins in the back to keep the head scarf in place.

Urban Turban2

(Photos by the beautiful Tarah Ferguson)



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