The Shoebox Project

My shoebox

Last month, I was approached by a great (and big hearted!) friend, Sarah, to participate in the Shoebox Project.  The Shoebox project “is a non-profit initiative that asks people to fill a shoebox with little luxuries (valued at $50) and deliver it to a drop off location in their community. Local volunteers deliver these gift boxes to women living in shelters during the holidays and throughout the year.”

Sarah enlisted approximately 30 of her friends to put together a shoebox each.  It was fun!  We compared shoeboxes at our office to see what each of us was giving and went shopping for items on our lunch break together.  And, as friends told friends and family about the initiative, the beautiful Sarah managed to collect no less than 70 boxes for women in shelters!!  What a feat!

Thank you Sarah for sharing and leading this amazing gift giving opportunity.  We are all better off because of your gesture.

Shoebox Project(Photo via Sarah)


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