Better Than Zovcock

Zovcock gift!

This week, I received a belated wedding gift from one of my best friends, Ashly (wifey).  She designed and created personalized Zovcock stationary, each one individually hand stamped.  To remind you, Zovcock is an amalgamation of my maiden name (Zovko) and my husband’s name (Woodcock). It’s also the #1 name amalgamation ever created (as voted by a very biased person). Immortalizing our name via stationary is even better than Zovcock itself.

If you don’t know me personally, Ashly’s gift is perfect for me.  Here’s why:

  • I am, and always have been, a big fan of stationary and other paper goods
  • The love and thoughtfulness that go into hand-made gifts is very important to me
  • Owning anything that is stamped “Zovcock” is simply hilarious

Basically, a gift that is humourous, loving and useful ranks high for me.  I’ve included some pictures of Ashly’s process below.

1. Ashly created the template for the Zovcock font by blowing up a photo of our wedding invite.  She then hand-carved “Zovcock” letter by letter to create a stamp.

Blank template

2. When complete, Ashly coated the stamp in red paint and used the tool at right to ensure paint was spread evenly on each page during the transfer.Zovcock printing

3. Ashly had the patience to hand stamp 100 Zovcock pages.  God bless her heart.  100 Zovcocks(Photos and Talent by Ashly Van Steele)

There you have it.  If you want to make your loved one feel extra giddy this holiday season, try making them some personalized stationary.  You can even add a clever drawing or two.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Zovcocks to get to…


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