Freja 2.0

Freja 2.0

Back when Tomica and I started Superfora, we blogged about our hair crushes at the time.  Mine, Freja Beha Erichsen, circa 2011 with her messy beach hair.  Hers was Linda Evagelista’s short ‘do in the 90s.

Well readers, I’m happy to announce that I’ve come full circle.  After I complained that my straight bangs felt disconnected from my wavy locks to my amazing hair stylist (and close friend) Alicia of Pomp & Proper, she showed me the above  photo of Freja, in  Zadig & Voltaire‘s Fall 2013 campaign.  Just when I thought the supermodel couldn’t be any more stunning.  I am still so addicted to her look.

I thought about it for 10 days before taking the plunge.  Below is my version of the Freja 2.0.

New 'do

(Hair and photo by Chad Taylor, Moods Salon)

More cute than sultry but I was never one to ooze sex.  Maybe if I grow my bangs out to her same mysterious length…

Ps. I’ve got news coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned readers!  xo


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