3 Steps to Pulling Off Joggers at Work

Dressed Up Joggers

Fancy joggers can be your best friend.  Stylish and ultra comfortable, you’ll have no reason to dress like shit.  You can find them at most shops but my absolute favourite pair are these lightweight TOPSHOP zebra jungle woven joggers.  I wear them with strappy sandals around the city but when I want to kick it up a notch and make them more work appropriate, I follow these three easy steps. Note: a tamer print might better suit your work environment.

1. Pair joggers with heels.  Opt for pointed pumps – at least 3 inches high – to complement the tapered leg, keeping it clean and chic.  Don’t forget to tuck in the elastic band ankles.

Blue suede shoes

2. Add a sexy tailored blazer to take your look from “drunk at the park on a Friday afternoon” to office cubicle or office with a door or even office coffee break.

White blazer

3. Pair joggers with a button up blouse to keep it business (swap the cropped top for a full-length blouse).  Then add a beautiful statement necklace to tie the look together.  Voila!  Here’s your hottie Monday morning outfit!

Statement Necklace

(All items are TOPSHOP, photos by Eve Obayoriade)


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