The Best Invite You Will Ever Lay Your Eyes On

Invite - Cover

As promised during last week’s sneak peek, I am going to unveil the b r i l l i a n t wedding invite designed by none other than Natalia Grosner.  We’ve mailed a batch out and hand delivered as many as we could in order to witness our friends’ reactions (all priceless by the way!).  Natalia’s concept was inspired by a John Lennon album cover  where our faces create a sort of flip book within the invite. The premise being that after our union, we will essentially become one.

To make this all happen, Simon and I asked our amazing friend Sven to photograph us.  He, along with Alicia, Tania and Ellen helped to make us look worthy of printing.  We took hundreds of photos and narrowed them down to four…

One serious pose each.

Invite - Simon SeriousInvite - Sandra Serious

And one silly pose each.

Invite - Simon SillyInvite - Sandra Silly

Thanks to the cuts above our eyes and below our noses, there’s myriad combinations of hilarious faces.

My favourites are below.

Invite - Great Combination

Invite - Robin Wright Penn daughter

Is she a Robin Wright Penn look-a-like or what?

Invite - Funny Combination

Invite - Manly Sandra

This invite is clever on so many levels: it’s fun, it’s original and, most of all, guests get a peek into what our future children will look like (pretty frightening).

I kept the date, time and location details, located on the last page of the booklet, concise as the images, and combination thereof, say it all.  The font and the icons work perfectly together as well as with the content.

Invite - Last Page

The invite took months to execute and here’s why: the front and back pages were letter-pressed in Vancouver, the photos were printed in New York City, each one hand cut by Natalia.  Finally, a NYC seamstress stitched the invites together to allow for the seamless flipping.  As I said before, brilliant! Thank you Natalia for making us appear cooler than we actually are.

See you all at Night Swimming!

(All images taken by me)


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