Mikey & Shaun’s Brilliantly-Designed Wedding


My unbelievably handsome and talented friends, Mikey and Shaun, were married exactly one month ago today (congrats, boys!!).  They met 5 years ago at Pearson Airport, which served as the theme of their entire wedding celebration.  Love at First Flight is the most clever and on-brand wedding I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

You can read about the inspiration, invitations, logo, food, decorations, attire, passport station, special guest Katinka (!) and every other smart design detail of their wonderful love story here.

Passport station

Side note: I remember being severely hungover on Mikey’s couch the day he was getting ready to go to Mexico with his new boyfriend Shaun, about 5 years ago.  When I was finally ready to consume food, Mikey made me a protein shake, which still makes me laugh (so Mikey!).  I don’t know why this stands out but it is my round-about first memory of Mikey & Shaun as a unit.

Congrats again, loves!


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