THIS and THAT: Art Spiegelman/Comic Girl



This weekend marks the opening of the Art Spiegelman exhibit CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics and Scraps at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Spiegelman was first recognized for his work through the underground Comix scene of the 1970s.  He went on to complete Maus in 1991, a graphic novel in which races were depicted by various animals, telling the story of his father’s experiences in and survival of the Holocaust.  In this Pulitzer Prize winning novel, the narrative was not just in the dialogue; imagery played an extraordinary role as well.

He also created the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards (!!!!).  My inner 7-year-old is exploding.

I don’t know that much about Spiegelman (shame) so I am very excited to be learn more about his genius today at the VAG and expand my knowledge of comics beyond said trading cards and the 300 issues of Archie’s I read when I was 12.


(first image from; second image from Wiki)


One of TOPSHOP‘s newest and most exciting trends, Comic Girl, is a series of dresses, tees, sweaters and socks that borrow imagery from comic strips.  An hommage to Liechtenstein’s paintings, Batman comics and others, these prints and colours definitely make dressing up more fun.  You have absolutely no excuse to wear beige, people!

Boom Boom Dress

Kaboom Tube Skirt

(Above photo by Tony Vu; second photo via TOPSHOP)

Sources: Wikipedia and Simon’s brain

Happy Saturday! xo


One Comment on “THIS and THAT: Art Spiegelman/Comic Girl”

  1. Kelli Chan says:

    I was an Archie Comics addict when I was a tween! I ❤ ❤ the pencil skirt!

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