The BYOB Bag

Thanks to my cutie Simon, I finally have my very own Erin Templeton leather bag.  For those who don’t know, Erin Templeton is a very talented (and charming!) purse designer from Vancouver. Using new or recycled leather, all of her creations are made locally, by hand.  You may have heard me talk gratefully about her for happily fixing the straps on my mom’s white ostrich purse.

From the Bitch bag to the Good Girl, Erin gives clever, fun names to her clever, fun creations.  With the BYOB bag, you can do just that.  Conceal a flask or small bottle in the secret side pocket.  And the strap is long enough to make the BYOB bag my new bike riding purse.  So this is what perfection looks like.

BYOB bag(Top photo via Erin Templeton; bottom photo by cute Simon)


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