My Favourite Pieces


Sometimes I feel like I am forgetting pieces of her.  So I am writing some of my best memories down.

She had the softest cheeks.

She hummed when she cooked.

She had Turkish coffee phone dates with her friends.

She loved soap operas.

She was jealous when we liked her friend’s cheese burek more than hers.

Her hair curled into an afro.

She loved it when people said I looked like her.

She had the cutest accent.

She was always knitting.

She loved chillin with her sisters.

She climbed trees for fresh figs.

She made the best spaghetti bolognese.  And baklava.

She nicknamed every chipmunk in our backyard “Zoe”.

Instead of buying her Christmas gifts, she asked that we donate money.

She had mad gardening skills.

She wanted every family photo to be taken in front of her plants.

She and I danced in the kitchen to Croatian music.

She said the best reason to have kids was to eventually have grandkids.


She is missed.  xoxo

Mom and I

MomMe and mom


One Comment on “My Favourite Pieces”

  1. Kelli Chan says:

    I am absolutely sure that your Mama feels all your love. Beautiful memories, thank you for sharing ❤

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