TOPSHOP Look of the Day

As a Personal Shopper at TOPSHOP, I try to dress head to toe in our product every day.  It makes sense; it helps customers get an idea of how the clothes look on a real person and I get to dress in awesome TOPSHOP all day long.

This week, I will be posting one TOPSHOP look a day so you can see what I manage to pull off at work without getting in trouble.  And since it’s my job to put outfits together for customers all day, I feel these posts aren’t entirely irrelevant.

Above and Below: Zebra-print pants by J.W. Anderson for TOPSHOP; blazer and tanktop by TOPSHOP.  The blazer is part of our Psychedelic Dandy trend, inspired by Mick Jagger of the 1970s.  Swoon-izzle.

(Photos by cute Simon, including the booty shot)


3 Comments on “TOPSHOP Look of the Day”

  1. Queen of pattern clashing!

  2. Melanie says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I LOVE that jacket. I can’t find it on the TopShop website. What’s the deal? Where can I get it here in Toronto?


    PS. Nobody mixes patterns like you 🙂

  3. Kelli Chan says:

    Printerrific! You are a wardrobe Wonder Woman at TopShop. Encore…Keep up the inspirational, blogs, Sandra. xo!

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