August’s Babe on a Bike: Heather!

(Photo by Paula Guerra)

We’re all hoping for an Indian summer here in Vancouver.  The sun has been shining brighter these past couple of weeks than it has been all year and of course we’ve been spending all of our time at the beach.

I’m happy to announce that my Babes on Bikes series is back (yay!).  And I’m lucky to be featuring Heather, lighting consultant and photographer extraordinaire.  On her bike ride to Crab Park beach last week, Heather stopped to have her photo taken for Babes on Bikes.  If you look closely at the photo, there is a hidden gem you don’t want to overlook.

This photo gets me every time. The flesh tone colour of my seat is really unfortunate. I didn’t notice it being an issue ever until I wore this skirt, then I just had to stop for a photo.

My bike is a KHS freewheel single speed style from local shop Ride On Again.
Overall my bike is a clean, simple and fairly light design which is what I was looking for…. the penis not so much!
Beautiful with a sense of humour, Heather thank you for being Superfora’s August Babe on a Bike! xo

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