Vanimaux II Opening – Thursday, August 2nd

The always lovely work of Ms. Rachelle Simoneau will be showcased at Remington/Gam Gallery from August 2nd to August 16th.  She has contributed her work to the animalistic Vanimaux II, a group show centred on Food, Fur and Foraging.  Rachelle was kind enough to take time from her busy Parisian life to tell us a bit about her role in the show:

SZ – How did you get involved in this group show?

RS – Katie Stewart, Editor of Sad Mag, approached me with the idea of shooting this famous store called Deyrolle in Paris for their Vanimaux issue.  Everything in the Vanimaux issue was shot using film, no digital allowed, which kind of pushed me back in love with film again!

SZ – What did you photograph?

RS – Deyrolle is full of insects, shells and taxidermy animals.  It’s now one of my favourite places to visit in Paris.

SZ – Sadly, you won’t be able to attend the show.  When will you visit Vancouver again?

RS – I hope to have some adventures in Vancouver next year!  I miss that city!

Hey Readers, if you’re looking to do something cool that is free, come to the opening this Thursday between 7pm and 11pm to drink local brew, see the latest Sad Mag issue and appreciate all the fine art on display at Vanimaux II.  Other artists contributing to the show include: Jeneen Frei Njootli, Jeff Dywelska, Sarah Clement, Julie Andreyev, Angela Fama, David Ellingsen, Lenkyn Ostapovich, Cody Brown, Sara French, Christine McAvoy and others.

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