Thanks, Tomica!

Today, I’m sad to announce that my partner in crime, Tomica, is stepping down from her writing post at Superfora.

We started Superfora because Tomica was convinced we’d be good at it.  After dismissing the idea again and again, I’m so grateful for her persistence.  Without it, I never would have found my calling as a totally average blog writer who loves to talk about her clothes and friends.

Tomica: you’re brilliant and I’ve loved sharing Superfora with you for 1.5 years!  If you ever need a platform to vent, brag or talk aimlessly, feel free to come back for a guest post.  Puno te volim, Bebo!  xo



3 Comments on “Thanks, Tomica!”

  1. atomically says:

    Thanks Sandra for rocking Superfora solos-styles while I keep getting distracted with everyday life!! 🙂 I promise to chime in from time to time and will continue to look forward to your posts (minus the feeling of guilt for not contributing more – ha!)

    As Liam Gallagher once said about Victoria Beckham: “She can’t even chew gum and walk in a straight line, let alone write a book.”
    Liam, I felt like you were talking right to me. Right to me!

    Superfora Forever,

  2. Kelli Chan says:

    Superfora is always gonna be super in my books 🙂
    Great blogs from you both! Hope to meet you someday soon, Tomica.

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