I Got One Last Babe on a Bike: Darina

My surprise Babe on a Bike is Darina, who currently resides in Barcelona.  Her bike photos appeared in my inbox yesterday afternoon and were 100% worth the wait.  I immediately started hyperventilating…she so gorg.

The bike she’s riding reminds me of a slicker version of my bike, Candyland.  With her knotted dress, sun kissed hair and tan, this Babe on a Bike is a definite swooner.

Darina talks a bit about the pink beauty.

Funny thing is, it’s not my bike, it’s my dear friend Alex’s. I have no bike here in Barcelona because I can easily rely on the city bike-sharing system to get around (like bixies in mtl).  Bike theft is prevalent here so I have yet to procure my own two-wheeled wonder but it’s in the works.  We asked Alex to borrow hers because it’s candy-pink delicious and we figured it would look super babe-alicious.
I know this doesn’t make for a super interesting write up, so hopefully we can focus on my sweet tan and that cute little street art dude holding hearts.

(Photos by Claudio Bianchi)

Thanks Darina and C for making this happen.  And thanks to all of my friends for being such mega-babes. xo


2 Comments on “I Got One Last Babe on a Bike: Darina”

  1. tarah says:

    Ummmm…so when are we going to see a pic of YOU another MAJOR BABE on your killer ride Candyland???:)

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