Babe on Bike Finale: Fin

The Babes on a Bikes series comes to an end today with featured babe Fin.  Originally from Vancouver and now based in Toronto, Fin is an accomplished musician, painter, illustrator and the only girl I know who can ride effortlessly in platform heels.

Becky talks about her bike karma:

My bike was stolen a mere few hours before these photos were taken (the bike pictured belongs to my lovely roommate and photographer Stasia Cinematti).  Somewhere in Toronto, a lucky thief rides a hideous navy blue mountain bike with a jack-o-latern squeaky-toy taped to it’s handlebars for a bell.  Godspeed.

(Photos by Stasia Cinematti)

These images look straight out of a magazine.  And even though she’s not riding her own bike, gorgeous Fin seems made for it.

Thanks to all 7 babes featured, hailing from Toronto, L.A. and Boston, who posed with their bikes for the sake of this series.  Superfora was viewed nearly 2,000 times this past week.  My friends are the dreamiest fo’ sho. xo


4 Comments on “Babe on Bike Finale: Fin”

  1. tarah says:

    Your babes on bikes series is the bomb!! You are so talented.., I LOVE reading your stuff:) PS Santigold and Rod Stewart look a like hang out sesh’s…how come I did not know about this??xxx

  2. darinka says:

    good thing i just biked over to claudio’s so he could take my photo that was originally supposed to be of luna. ❤ hahahaa

  3. Kelli Chan says:

    It’s a shame your bike was swiped, Becky 😦
    But wow, hugely admire your ability to combo platforms & pedals!

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