Babe on Bike Monday: Katie

To start off the week, my featured Babe on a Bike is Katie.  Once dubbed my twin by some horny dudes in Rome, this Italian bombshell has ironically been my Gemelli ever since.  I’m loving the primary pops of colour in this photo: beautiful blue dress, awesome green bike, pretty red flowers.

Like some of the bikes featured in this series last week, Katie’s ride is new.  She retells how her find came about.

I rode my rust orange Craigslist clunker bike for 2 years until she finally passed on after spending the winter outside.  I was pretty bummed about not having a bike when my friend Jess suggested I take the generous birthday money given to me by her and my lovely friends and buy a fancy Linus bike. Since I do whatever Jess tells me, I ran over to Curbside Cycle as soon as I could.  The minute I laid eyes on this green beauty I was sold.  Plus, the girls at Curbside were so friendly and cute, it felt wrong to leave empty handed.

I’ve been in love with her ever since!  She’s so bright and pretty, she puts me in a great mood during my sometimes hectic rides to and from work.  Her name is “Irish”, inspired by the colour as well as the homeless man outside my neighbourhood Liquor Store who once yelled to me “Nice bike lady!  Are you going to ride it in the St. Patrick’s Day parade?”  I certainly am!

(Photos by Omar Pommells)

Katie, we may look absolutely nothing alike but when you ride your bike spread eagle, I’m proud to call you my Gemelli.


2 Comments on “Babe on Bike Monday: Katie”

  1. Nicole Val says:

    that’s a fine ride.

    and the bike ain’t bad, either.

  2. Kelli Chan says:

    Both owner and the bike are adorable!!

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