Babe on Bike Friday: Preeti

Due to an overwhelming inflow of photos of friends and their bikes, the Babes on Bikes series is continuing into next week (yay!).  Sending you off on this lovely Friday is today’s Babe on her Bike: Preeti.  Preeti looks amazing with her vintage Raleigh,which she revived after its former owner left it to die a slow death.  She helped repair it and restore it, reinstating the fact that she is the coolest girl I know.  Below she retells the story of her Raleigh:

The best $50 I ever spent was in February 2012. After deciding to shelve my orange Italian folding bike, I went on a mad troll to find a vintage mixed frame bike and soup it up.  Basically giving a bike that was left ravaged by careless owners a better home and turning it into an amazing ride. I found this gem via Craigslist.  Homegirl was in weak shape so I took her into the Community Bike Network and worked with an awesome mechanic John.  After three weeks of repairs, she was ready to ride.
Then I took homegirl to Cycle Couture and the very friendly store owner, Jeff, hooked me up with a sleek Brooks saddle seat and hammered chrome fenders to give her a different look than all the other Raleighs on the road. My bike has a vintage Raleigh frame, but the make is quite common so I needed her to stand out.  I completed the lift with cork handle bars.  She’s Wal-Mart Nail Polish pink, with chrome and brown finishes.  She’s a lady but let’s face it, she was a tramp.
I hit my goal of restoring an old bike and learning how to take care of one too. I love her! WAY BETTER THAN THE TTC!  No Carbon footprint here! Someone tried to steal my bike last week…so I take that as a compliment!
(Photos by Adam Teixeira)
“Let’s face it, she was a tramp.”  Haha, Preeti!  Happy weekend everybody and see you Monday when Superfora features several more Babes on Bikes! xo

2 Comments on “Babe on Bike Friday: Preeti”

  1. Kelli Chan says:

    Girls. Bikes. Learning mechanics. Very inspirational! I’m digging this series ❤

  2. Preetom says:

    Total crush on Jeff from Cycle Couture!

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