Babe on Bike Thursday: Jess

Today’s Babe on a Bike is Jessica Roberts – YOWZA.  Even with her geeky (mandatory) bike helmet, she looks impeccable.  The standout coral purse is a nice touch too.  Jess’ white Jamis, like her, is quick, loyal and practical, as she points out below.

The Jamis Commuter is a practical bike and I’m a practical gal.  I wear a helmet for safety and since old Jamis lives outside, it’s got a sweet plastic bag seat cover.  Jamis has a smooth, quick gearshift so when I feel the need to race men who assume they are faster than me because I’m wearing a dress, I can speed up easily and take them down.

I love everything else about this babe, notorious for being everyone’s favourite person.  See you tomorrow as there are plenty more Babes on Bikes to be featured on Superfora.

(Photos by Pierre Hamilton)


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