Babe on Bike Wednesday: Lyndsey

Gracing today’s Babe on a Bike post is Lyndsey, currently of Cambridge, MA.  For a nerdy MIT PhD student, she sure has a dope ride.  Lyndsey looks gorg with her red Raleigh and has even been photographed by a local street style photographer on her ride to school.  She recounts her lucky find:

Fast Red was acquired at a Davenport Road yard sale 2 years ago for the outrageous price of $25. Some new brakes and white handle bar tape later she was ship-shape and ready for the road. I adore this bike, rust and all. She rides smooth as silk and the colours are perfectly eye-catching. Sure, I could buy a new bike – one with less rust, fewer gears, a lighter frame, but also with less personality! As long as Fast Red’s pedals keep going forward, I will keep riding my trusty steed (I’m tearing up as I write this….).

Lynds studies Urban Economics so it’s fitting that a bicycle is her main mode of transportation around the city.  No doubt she needs a speedy ride like Fast Red to stay ahead of the dozens of boys who chase her on the reg.

(Photos by Tom Combs)

I have hot babes and bikes comin’ at ya til Saturday.  Check back regularly for your daily dose.


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