Babe on Bike Tuesday: Olga

(Photo by Paul Malin)

All the way from Venice Beach, California, today’s Babe on a Bike is Olga, aka Hot Olga.  Hot Olga’s casual little black dress is the perfect complement to her shiny white Linus bike.  From its brown leather seat to its classic French-inspired frame, her bike Lenny is the perfect ride.

Paul got him for me for Christmas last year. Linus bikes are actually based out of and were originally made in Venice beach and we got Lenny at the flagship Abott-Kinney store. I get mad street cred riding this guy around town – and I ride him EVERYWHERE! In a city of beach cruisers and fixies, I like having three gears and functioning brakes. And it’s also nice to standout and support local business.
If I saw Olga riding around Venice, I don’t know what would stop me in my tracks first: the locally-designed bike or super hot girl on it.  Visit Superfora tomorrow for another serious Babe on a Bike.

2 Comments on “Babe on Bike Tuesday: Olga”

  1. Olga says:

    For the record I’m not wearing an LBD on the beach! I swear I’m not that fashionable! It’s a navy, cotton, crocheted number from Joe Fresh. Easy breezy when biking along the path.

    Thanks for featuring Lenny on your blog, Sands!


  2. dgamster says:

    if I geta hotter babe to do the same , will you pay!!!!!!!!!

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