Babe on Bike Monday: Preetom

I’m starting off Babes on Bikes week with my lovely friend Preetom.  You may have seen her in Toronto’s west end, accompanied by her best pal Mikki.  Preetom’s not only va-va-voom hot, she’s super hilarious. You’ll find her perfecting her puns at any given moment.

The baby blue ride is Preetom’s third in the last little while.  She recounts her bike history:

I sort of don’t like this bike but being 4’11”, I have few choices unless I want to be relegated to a child’s bike.  I got her on Craigslist and don’t feel a bond with it like my previous red bike – the Babe Magnet.  I had another black BMX and found that it attracted different types of babes, like more piercings and tattoos.  DIFFERENT SPOKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS.

Despite not being a babe magnet, Preetom’s current bike is super functional with two baskets (one for Mikki).  She tops it off with a short t-shirt dress, which is perfect for riding.  I’m pretty sure Mikki approves too.

(Photos by Julie Groulx)

Visit Superfora tomorrow to see Tuesday’s hot babe on her bike.


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