The Best Guest

I spent a lovely few days in Toronto this past weekend.  Spearheaded by my undying desire to surprise my friends any and all the time, I flew the red-eye on Thursday night and arrived bright and early Friday morning.  After a full day of drinking Turkish coffee and baking with my mom’s great friend Ruza, I headed downtown.  I was expected to arrive to Natalia’s 30th birthday bash at midnight as I lied about my arrival time but instead rolled in 4 hours earlier, at 8pm.

Was she totally surprised?  Yes folks, even when I’m 100% expected to be somewhere, I can pull off a surprise.  I had to get creative but I totally pulled it off.  The 4-hour surprise, however, was not the highlight of the soiree.  That title belongs to the aging rocker dude – a Rod Stewart look-a-like – who crashed our party, hit on all the girls, allowed us to take one million photos of him, repeatedly handed out his business card and was the talk of the night.

I’m pretty sure Natalia couldn’t have asked for a better party guest.

Natalia and Rocker dude, snapped by the talented Mikey DePippo.  Several more photos to follow.


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