Unstoppable – Santigold at the Commodore in Vancouver

(Photo via Weallwantsomeone.org)

Santigold performed her first show in Vancouver – ever – on Saturday.  My partner in crime Aynsley and I were two lucky bitches with tickets to the sold-out show.  Aynsley took me to see Grimes for my birthday and I scored her a pass to last night’s show for hers.

Promoting her new album Master of My Make-Believe, Santigold performed with so much energy that she had the entire sold-out crowd dancing and singing.  On either side of her were two extremely-talented, beyond cool dancers.  Their choreography started out restrained with props but as the show progressed, there were booty shakes, high kicks, animal-inspired moves and way more.  I tried so hard to remember their dance moves so my friends and I would have something do to other than bad dance* on the dance floor in the future but if we attempted a dinosaur dance at our next house party, I know it wouldn’t translate well.

Santigold nailed it in so many ways; beautiful singing, elaborate costumes, jaw-dropping choreography, high energy, strong lyrics and a fully-engaged audience.  A performance like hers is why I love going to concerts.  Every aspect was so inspiring, I immediately felt the urge to get creative and make something (probably annoying crafts because my creative talents are limited).

Santigold crowd surfed three times, had 2 costume changes, and busted a move in front of a great white horse once.  It was hands down my favourite concert of the year thus far.  No doubt every girl in the room wanted to be friends with her or straight up be her.  Readers, if you trust my judgment on one thing only, GO SEE SANTIGOLD.

*bad dance is a dance whereby my friends and I try the most absurd and awful dance moves we can think of.

(Photos taken by me, last photo is me and Aynsley)


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