Tokyo Part Ichiban: Sounds

I’m back from Tokyo but am still there in spirit (and sleep schedule, damned jet lag). It exceeded all of my expectations and surprised me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Some of my biggest surprises were the sounds of the city (or lack thereof).

The Streets and Subways:

For being the largest metropolitan area IN THE WORLD, Tokyo can be amazingly quiet. I believe we only heard two cars honk and one baby cry (which turned out to be a white baby, mind you) during our entire visit. The city is incredibly efficient, organized and clean and offered many moments of serenity in what I thought would be a crazy concrete jungle.

The (there’s no fancy way of putting this) Toilets:

My bottom will surely miss the heated seats but I was astounded to see a computerized hand rest with an assortment of little buttons offering various options, one of them being a music note that makes “flushing sounds” to mute away any undesired noises. Now that’s something many office restrooms would benefit from.

The Music Scene:

While I was disappointed to learn that I was missing both Morrissey and Noel Gallagher by a matter of days, this eternal Britpop fan got her fair share of Oasis, The Smiths and then some being played everywhere from bars to underwear shops (these are my kind of people). But the biggest treat came from a local band called Molice that we were fortunate enough to catch on our last night in Tokyo, at a tiny venue in Shibuya area called O-Nest. (I was thrilled to hear that there were over 80 music venues in Shibuya alone – again, my kind of people). Check out Molice’s track Ms Panic, my favourite performance of the night:

Fortunately, I get to feed my J-Rock fix tonight at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver for Next Music Tokyo vol 4 (exquisite timing). Join me  for performances by the Zazen Boys, group_inou, Charan-Po-Rantan and Praha Depart! Show starts at 8pm, advance tix $8, more info here:

Mata nee! (see you soon)

2 Comments on “Tokyo Part Ichiban: Sounds”

  1. Zeee says:

    so fun!!! we want pictures!

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