Bike Dressing

In my last bike post, I promised to write a followup addressing how I ride my men’s road bike when everything I own is either short or tight (ahem, both).

Well, short and tight is exactly why it works.

Think about it.  Short and flowy wouldn’t work because a gust of wind would screw me, especially on the sea wall where oncoming bicycle traffic is endless.  Long and tight is impossible to ride in, especially on a men’s bike.  And long and flowy, although currently on trend, is just not me.  A short and tight dress or skirt, however, when worn with bikini bottoms underneath is the sartorially acceptable equivalent of wearing bicycle shorts.  Let me demonstrate.

(Photos by cute Simon)

See, super easy.  I couldn’t possibly have that much fun if I were worried about exposing something.

Note: For the purpose of these photos, I took my helmet off.  But I always wear one when I ride.  A helmet looks uncool but you know what’s even more uncool?  Having your brains splattered on the street.  Be smart.  Be safe.


2 Comments on “Bike Dressing”

  1. frances says:

    good god, you got bike dressing on LOCKfreakingDOWN! it’s as if you wrote this post with me in mind! ‘bike dressing’ (or lack-thereof) has been a contentious issue in my life for years and most notedly as of late. however, this post has officially made me a believer: good fashion + whilst bike riding = not impossible/so fantastically possible. swooon

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