Mary Katrantzou at The Room – Vancouver!!

To my great surprise, Mary Katrantzou made an appearance at The Room in Vancouver last night, in support of her astounding new collection.  Surrounded by fans wearing her crazy designs, the skillful print master was dressed in black from head to toe.

My blurry iPhone photos don’t do her new collection justice but they do give you an idea of what I saw; soft printed leather, accordion-shaped skirts, and prints ranging from guitar parts to colour-blocked flower meadows.  My print on print on print outfit (top/pants/shoes) finally had a place in which to feel at home.

I’ve been a fan of Mary K’s since she blew me away with her first collection.  Despite being too damn shy to talk to her, it was amazing to see her at the event; her talent and youth are beyond inspiring.  Thank you Vaughn for getting us in on super short notice! xo

Below I’m wearing a blouse by Mary Katrantzou for TopShop and pants by Zara.


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