Luna in the Afternoon – Drunk Dial Edition

Every Thursday, around 3pm, I’m greeted with a love-infused phone call, text message or picture text.  Sometimes all three.  They come from the lovely Luna, whose talents are numerous, from making laser images of unicorns and rainbows with her irises to creating photography that will blow you away.

Living in Berlin, Luna is 9 hours ahead of me so when it’s 3pm and I’m buried in numbers, it’s midnight her time and she’s drunk dialing her friends back home in Canada.  Never has a 9-hour time difference worked so well in my favour.  Her love notes usually look like:

“Hello, I love you”

“You look beautiful today and I love you”

But sometimes she pulls out all the stops and goes for something like this:

(Artwork by Luna)

So amazing!!  Here’s to weeknight drinking and friends who stay close, despite what sometimes feels like unsurmountable distances. xo, Luns!


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