New Faves

My girl Tiyana flew into town last weekend.  We were super excited to see each other and as expected, she and I got mom loud and mom drunk pretty fucking fast.  On Sunday before she caught her flight home, we showed her around various neighbourhoods, parks, beaches and of course, the inside of my favourite boutiques.  Along the way, I acquired these weaved bad boys in a split second decision in Gastown’s One of a Few.  They have a pretty great vintage selection upstairs.

A cross between Hugh Hefner’s famous velvet loafers and a white picnic basket, I anticipate these guys will go well with pretty much any outfit I wear this summer.

Let the compliments from 50-something European gigolos begin.

(Photos by Simon)


2 Comments on “New Faves”

  1. Nugget says:

    Luv it! Basket shoe-wearers unite!!

  2. Kelli Chan says:

    I love them loafers! I can practically smell the stench of Drakkar Noir and 24K gold in the air.

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