We Killed It

Our Switcheroo photos are finally up and, of course, Simon looks better than I do in both outfits. Before you check ’em out below, put down your fork or pen or any other sharp objects.  Safety first.

I’m so happy I wore a cropped top.

(Photography by Sincerely Hana)

What I love about this photo shoot, aside from Simon’s abs and pure bravery is that we, the subjects, were responsible for choosing the clothes and the location.  So it was kind of a joint effort to put this all together, with the brains and talent courtesy of our lovely photographer, Sincerely Hana.

I couldn’t keep a straight face in the second shot to save my life.  I kept thinking about how ridiculous/amazing Simon would turn out on film.

For more of the ongoing Switcheroo series, click here.


6 Comments on “We Killed It”

  1. thelemonspank says:

    It’s too much. I’ve looked at this about 5x now, with huge laughter. TOO MUCH! Hahaha

  2. rachellesimoneau says:

    i love this so much !!

  3. kiwinomnom says:

    This has literally made my everything. I’ve been obsessed with the switcheroo photos! I love that you and Simon pulled out this incredible gem. Much love from your fave Bird! xoxo

  4. tarah says:

    Amaze… i love that you were wearing a crop top too!!!:)..xxxo

  5. tara says:

    hahahahah it’s too too good…

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