Remember when I dressed up as Simon for Hallowe’en last year?  Turns out that helped us get a gig as models for a local Vancouver photographer named Sincerely Hana in her ongoing photo series Switcheroo.  Hana used a simple idea but because she did it so well and with so much interest, has been able to carry Switcheroo extremely far.  I tip my hat to her.

Below is a sneak peak at what you can expect from me and Simon in the very near future.  I wore a cropped top, short shorts and a silk turban to the shoot.

(All photos by Sincerely Hana)

For those of you who were dying to see Simon in my clothes last Hallowe’en, stay tuned.  The photos should be up any day now.  I’ll post them on Superfora as soon as I get the OK from Simon.


One Comment on “Switcheroo”

  1. Kelli Chan says:

    I totally DIG THIS! Who needs to wait until Halloween?? 🙂 !

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