It’s Been One Motherfuckin’ Year!!

(image by someecards)

It’s our 1-year anniversary at Superfora!  Yes, we’ve been shoving this blog down your throat for three hundred and sixty odd days.  And you still don’t hate us.  Thank you for reading, lovely friends!

To recap this past year, Tomica and I have each put together a list of our favourite places to hit in Van, some of which we blogged about and some of which we haven’t but believe make this city a cooler place to live in.  Here we go:


Favourite cafe: Marché St. George.  I love everything about this place; the pretty gold-lined porcelain tea cups, the fresh croissants they make daily and the owner’s thick Quebecois accent. This cafe is charming and comfortable beyond belief.

Favourite French Baguette: Faubourg Paris in Kerrisdale.  After months of searching, Simon and I finally found the most authentic French baguette in the city at Faubourg Paris; crusty outsides and fluffy insides make me inhale whole baguettes at a time.  Now all I need are bratty 13-year olds to egg me on the street and I’m right back in Paris.

Favourite Store Front: A tie between F as in Frank and Front & Company.  Each store creates tableaus that inspire and awe.  Kudos to their talented window dressers.

(photos via Front & Company)

Favourite Stationary Store: The Hach.  They carry everything from vintage alphabet stamp sets to leather-bound agenda books to baby-shaped post-it note pads.  And the owner, Tara Hach, is amazing.  The next time you’re strolling down Main, be sure to check out The Hach just west on 17th.

Favourite Sushi place: Zipang on Main Street.  The perfect neighbourhood sushi spot, this gem is my restaurant of choice to stuff face with my favourite friends.  I always leave Zipang feeling immensely content thanks to to-die-for sushi, lovely staff and a relaxed atmosphere.  Even with several bottles of white, the tab is always fair.  If you go, call me.

Favourite thing to do on a Thursday that doesn’t involve drinking: Typing Night at Regional Assembly of Text.  For the penpals out there!

Favourite Vintage Shop: Community in Gastown.  Amazing selection, super affordable prices not to mention the proceeds go back into the DTES community.  Win win.

Favourite city planning perks: An abundance of safe bike lanes + lack of highways that obstruct our gorgeous views + kilometers of waterfront paths.


Eat: Guu
My first culinary experience in Vancouver was at Guu (Robson and Thurlow) and has remained one of my favourites. The moment you walk through the door you are welcomed by the sounds of joyous, incomprehensible Japanese screaming that makes you feel equal parts welcome and slightly afraid. The izkaya style grub is great for sharing and is SUPER affordable (not something that can easily be said in this city). Favourite items include the duck salad and Kimchi-fried rice (it’s not on the menu, remember to ask for it).
Drink: The Narrow
While I still love a good dive bar (and always will), my tolerance for the B.O.+beer+barf odeur that accompanies such establishments has dropped considerably since I entered my thirties. Well the Narrow’s got grit meets glam down to a T. The grimy exterior with spray-painted walls and no sign out front leads to a dimly lit, chandelier-and-antler filled interior playing great indie beats. The narrow space means you still get the occasional beer in the face (kidding!).
Listen: The Biltmore
What do I love most about this place? The fact that it’s 5 blocks away from my apartment? The fact that you can still see great bands in an intimate setting for under $15? The fact that they have Toonie Tuesdays? The fact that they have a Tetris machine? Check, check, check and check.
Play: Stanley Park
You haven’t really lived in Vancouver until you’ve sat on 3rd beach on a sunny day, looked into the ocean and said “this is what makes it all worth it”. We spend most of our days complaining about the rain, but on the rare occasion the sun does appear – you feel lucky to be here. Going for a bike ride along the sea wall and running into everyone you know at 3rd beach making a communal blanket out of their towels = best day ever.
(Photo by Sandra Z)
We’ve come across a lot of good in this city over the last year and we plan on spending the next year uncovering and sharing more.  Throw in a bike bail or two.

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