Backpack Tuesday

Leather backpacks are in again.  The last time I remember them being on trend, I was in grade 4. This beauty, which I picked up in 2010, hails from my favourite vintage shop in Paris called FREE’P’STAR.  (Does that sound like the name of a strip club to anybody else?)

Without fail, during my hunts among the crowds of fashionable girls, I always managed to find amazing purses and bags, not to mention my favourite pair of leather shorts, at Free’P’Star.  Oh to live in Paris again.  If I think about it too hard or for too long, I’ll ugly cry.

(Top photo by me; bottom photo by Simon)


5 Comments on “Backpack Tuesday”

  1. Jessica says:

    I am in the market for a vintage leather backpack so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. M says:

    Love the backpack, also, you floral pants!! You’re amazing!

  3. Olgs says:

    I recently dug out my leather backpack from junior high too (my dad bought me that backpack on a trip to Poland no less)! Love it! So glad they’re back in – these things last forever. Looking cute, lady!


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