The Daily Tote (March 12th – 16th)

As many of you may know, Re-Psycho is one of my beloved nicknames.  Given to me about 5 years ago, it of course refers to:

  • my feeling very strongly about recycling EVERYTHING and bullying others into doing the same
  • my passion for reusing discarded items from tissue box cardboard as scrap paper to old garment fabric for tote bags and pillowcases

Another popular moniker of mine is Bag Lady, which I’ve been lovingly labelled by my friends because I have a reusable bag on me (or several) at all times.  This week, I’m going to use the other connotation of ‘Bag Lady’ to feature one bag a day in my collection of new and old purses, clutches and totes.

I received plenty of positive feedback on my daily sweater posts so I’ll continue introducing a themed series every now and then.  I hope you enjoy the upcoming purse posts.  See you Monday!

(Above image taken by Re-Psycho/Bag Lady)


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