Two Dope Podcasts, One Dope Host

While Tomica and I try our best to share music we’re excited about with you, we of course provide only two points of view (well, 3 if you include the new music I steal from Simon on the reg).  If you’re looking for broader range and depth, check out Pierre Hamilton’s bi-weekly music podcast Flava For Your Ears, which exposes the listener to an array of amazing music, new and old.  You will not only be drawn in by Pierre’s musical diversity but also by his oh-so-smooth voice.

In Flava For Your Ears, Pierre does a great job of setting up each song with a story about where he heard it, who it reminds him of or why he likes it.  As the Mission Statement indicates:

“Flava For Your Ears is about sharing the musical soundtrack to my life. I introduce my listeners to tracks they might have missed, skipped or ignored, and tell stories about how, where, when and why that music impressed me.”

While Pierre’s and my musical tastes differ, his playlists are excellent and I’m always stoked to have learned about an artist I wasn’t previously aware of.  Check out his most recent podcast here.

Not surprisingly, Pierre is more than a musical savant.  He’s also a dedicated Torontonian who is interested in his city’s issues, problems and people.  He hosts a must-hear monthly podcast called Real Talk TO Real Talk where he and 2 friends discuss current issues that face Toronto from questionable policies to mandatory 20% tipping at restaurants to sexist radio show hosts (and the bikini-clad girls who listen to them).  The result is both an intelligent and humourous recap of current events in our nation’s largest city.

My Vancouver friends and I were lucky enough to have spent the week with this multi-talented bloke and we couldn’t have had a better time.  xo Pierre!


One Comment on “Two Dope Podcasts, One Dope Host”

  1. Kelli Chan says:

    Awesome. You cover all cool things cool on your blog, don’t ya. ❤

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