The Finale

And the series comes to an end.  I’m fittingly topping off the week with shimmer & shine.  Paired with a high-waisted knit skirt and mustard knit tights, both from H&M, this sweater is the epitome of my mom: classy and chic.

Not only has this daily series made me appreciate my one-of-a-kind knits, it’s made me accomplish a lot more before 8am than I normally do (styling, photo shoot, photo editing, copy).  I loved doing it but at the same time, am happy that it’s over (semi sleep deprived here).  Although, I’ve had enough positive feedback from friends to potentially motivate me to make morning photo shoots an almost-regular occurrence.

Thank you to everyone who checked in every morning.  I’m super appreciative of your feedback.

Now that I have a sick outfit on, I’m ready to kick it with my boy Pierre, who’s visiting from TO. Peace.



4 Comments on “The Finale”

  1. Melanie says:

    Hey Sandra, I loved your daily wardrobe updates. I think your red/black/silver striped sweater was my fav, but the blue sparkly one is awesome too (and your lace-up heals that complete the outfit).

    ps. Say hi to Pierre for me. I hope you had a great time.

  2. Sandra says:

    I love hearing which ones are friends’ favourites. Thanks, Mel! Btw, I met with another Pierre, not the one you know.

  3. hannahslomp says:

    I love the triple knit ensemble. I think the finale is my favourite.

  4. Tarah says:

    It’s really hard to pick a fave – but as mentioned above I think the triple knit combo is def my fave – but I really like Thursdays combo too. Can’t wait to see more outfit posts and major congrats for being so productive before 8:00 AM!! LOVE!!

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