The Daily Design (February 20th – 24th)

While most everybody is looking forward to Spring, the focus at the office is on developing our fall collections.  I voted in a best sweater design survey this week and was reminded of just how fortunate I am to have a stack of beautiful, hand-knit sweaters in my cramped closet at home (see the pretty colours above).

So, as my own little fuck I’m lucky, I’m going to wear one mom sweater a day during the week of February 20th.  Each morning before work, eyes still half closed, I’ll snap a pic and post on the blog which Mama Zee sweater will be keeping me warm and stylish that day.  Missing this would be like passing on the cheese burek when you’re starving.  Just doesn’t happen.  Check out Superfora Monday to Friday to eye five killer one-of-a-kind sweaters that will have the design team at Aritzia spinning.  Figuratively and pun intended.

See you MONDAY!


One Comment on “The Daily Design (February 20th – 24th)”

  1. hslompHannah says:

    Beautiful sweaters Sandra. Your mom is an inspiration!

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