Split Personalities

If you’ve ever been to (or anywhere near) Croatia, you’re probably aware that women from Split have quite the reputation. They’re known for being beautiful (but not necessarily modest), having an (un)healthy dose of attitude, never holding back to speak their minds, and spending hours at cafes just people watching. And smoking cigarettes…  Like this young lady:

Having spent some of my most formative years living there and returning often to visit family, I can almost guarantee first-hand that in most cases, the above rings true. But one thing I can claim without a shade of doubt is that women from Split are not afraid to make a fashion statement. I was reminded of that the other day when stumbling upon a blog post by Moda Komoda  that featured photos by renowned news photographer Fedja Klarić of women from Split in the ‘80s.

In comparing those pics to another recent post about the style of Splicanke today,  a lot of what we saw then we still see now. Clearly, women from Split love:

A bold pop of colour

Sporting fur 

Experimenting with hairdos (and uh… blush?)

Rocking retro eyewear 

Mixing sportswear with formal attire

The first set of pics (’80s ladies) were all taken by Fedja Klaric, while the second set (modern gals) were taken by Sonja Dvornik. I’ve taken both from Moda Komoda.

Love em or hate em, ladies from Split sure like to wear their personalities on their sleeves….


2 Comments on “Split Personalities”

  1. Tarah says:

    I LOVE women in Split!!! They are super RAD:)

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