Coffee on the Drive?

Everyone knows that when you’re craving a taste of Italy – the Drive’s the place to be. And nothing makes me yearn for Italy more than going out for a killer meal and not being able to finish it off with a mandatory espresso.

Well now I no longer have to walk away in disappointment when all I’m offered is drip coffee. Perche, you ask? Because last weekend I purchased a bag of “the Drive” coffee beans from the Commercial Drive Coffee Company. And I intend to walk around with it in my purse in case of an espresso emergency (just kidding! but only because I think it may be a tad rude to bring my own beans…).

The Commercial Drive Coffee Company was started not too long ago by my good friend Domenico Bruzzese, with the goal of providing locally roasted coffee beans reminiscent of flavours from the old country that continue to be preserved and reinvented in East Van’s Commercial Drive area. If the Bruzzese’s coffee is even half as good as their sandwiches (Dom’s family owns and operates the quintessential Commercial Drive deli – La Grotta Del Formaggio, which holds a strong 4.5 star rating on Yelp), you know you’re in for a treat. You can have your pick between four different types of roast, all named after East Van hoods: The Drive (espresso), Grandview (medium roast), The Continental (medium roast) and Park Drive (dark roast).

The packaging is quite pretty itself – making these bags of beans a lovely gift for locals and visitors alike. (Available at La Grotta Del Formaggio and London Drugs stores).



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