Feast Van

You want to eat out at a nice restaurant but don’t want to feel like shit about dropping a load of cash so soon after the holidays.  I hear ya.  Someone else hears ya too.  Joe Chaput of Les Amis du Fromage organized Feast Van, a 2-week dining event that combines a prix fixe 3-course meal at one of East Van’s best restaurants with support for the Vancouver Inner City Back Pack Food Program. This student meal program provides healthy snacks and meals to food-insecure children over the weekend.

The event runs from January 20th to February 5th.  Menus start at $20 for lunch and $30 for dinner, $1 of which is donated from each meal.  Participating restaurants include the highly revered Au Petit Chavignol, Cafeteria, Campognolo Roma, Les Amis du FromageLes Faux Bourgeois and more.

So, help yourself and help others: go fill your belly at one these fine establishments and help pay for a student’s weekend meal.


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