Art from Art

As an amateur photo taker, I get excited when I see a photo I snapped hanging in a friend’s apartment (usually forced upon them as a gift).  I assume that professional photographers – the good ones at least – grow accustom to seeing their heart and soul hung in a space.  This was not the case, however, when talented photographer Claudio Bianchi stumbled upon an image that he had captured digitally recreated as graffiti by artist Veronica Soto.

Soto’s inspiration was Claudio’s shot of a short-haired Portuguese lady in blue sweeping outdoors against a colourful background in Oporto, Portugal (first photo).  Her unmistakable reproduction, highlighting the blue sweater, graces a building wall in the south of Spain (second photo).

(Photo by Claudio Bianchi, painting by Veronica Soto)


I wonder if the broom is an ironic message to city officials who try to clean beautiful graffiti off buildings and walls.  Either way, I love her interpretation.  And this dope art chain.  Now if someone uses the painting as inspiration to knit a blue sweater, I’d die.


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