Big Foot Kiboots

One of the greatest pleasures in life has to be getting a killer deal on an item you crave. And last week I experienced one of those moments where the stars aligned perfectly leading me to my Kiboots.

My bad back (it went out yet again!) led me to skip my habitual mid-day workout sesh and stroll down Robson street looking for nothing in particular, yet sensing that I was about to embark on a rather expensive lunch break. As I passed B2 I noticed a pair of stunning boots in the display – a very unique looking pair that reminded me of something I had spotted and coveted before (I would later realize that I had seen them on The Bive’s best boots of the season). I strolled around the shop and failed to find them, but got distracted by other finds, none of which were available (or even made) in my size. On my way out I was approached by a saleswoman who asked if I was finding everything OK – which I would normally respond to with a polite “mm hmmm” and walk out the door. But the boots called to me again, and so I was forced to ask about the ones in the display. The saleswoman responded that they were an amazing deal and the only pair left. My heart immediately sunk a bit as I assumed they would not be for me – until she said the magic words. “They’re a size 12”. I went into a mild state of shock and almost didn’t hear the part where she explained how they were more than 75% off because they couldn’t get rid of them. What were the chances? The woman with the biggest feet in Vancouver just walked into their store.

My tongue went numb as I barely managed to utter the words: “Must. Try. On.” And to my surprise – there was even a little extra room (for the first time in my adult life). The lady went on to explain how they were Kiboots boots from Amsterdam, one of a kind, handcrafted from top to bottom combining original vintage kilim rugs and leather. No two pairs were the same.. yadda yadda yadda. Who are we kidding? I already knew all about them. They had me at “hello, we exist in your size”. The killer deal was just an added bonus.

For once, having huge feet and back problems paid off!

Here are mine, excitedly waiting at the till to be worn with anything and everything I own.

As I returned to the office to brag about my new purchase, I was met by my stylish friend and co-worker Tarah (aka the Bive) who, as it turns out, was gifted a pair for Christmas. To see how she rocks hers check out her post on Kibootin. We love them too much to even pretend we’d take turns wearing them to the office. Plus remember, no two pairs are the same!


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