Must-Read Blog: The Natty Urbanite

These days, there are blogs about pretty much anything.  But an entertaining blog dedicated to etiquette for the modern gentleman?  There are too few.  Enter The Natty Urbanite.  In it, my multi-talented friend Vaughn Stafford Gray provides witty and funny advice on how men should behave in today’s society.

From dating advice, to the perfect pulled pork recipe to office party etiquette, the Natty Urbanite speaks to several dimensions of daily life in a straightforward yet sassy way.  You can even write into the N.U. for guidance on how to respectfully deal with a touchy issue of your own. He should seriously have a weekly column somewhere.

Key takeaways include: don’t drink boxed wine, don’t dominate conversations at dinner parties and don’t wear a plunging V-neck tee.   Check in regularly for how to be more like the Old Fashioned-wielding Renaissance Man himself, here.  The future you will thank you.


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