My Morcici

Last week Niko’s parents returned from Croatia with a wonderful little gift for me. Morcic (pronounced more-cheech) earrings. These are no ordinary earrings, mind you. Not only are they specific to the coastal region of Croatia (adding an element of exclusivity and slight sense of pride), but legend has it they bring the wearer luck and protection. Added bonus: they’re absolutely stunning.

What at first glance appears to be a black queen donning a royal crown, research reveals it’s a Moor wearing a turban. Dating back to the 16th century, Morcic (also known as Moretto) symbolizes the region’s victory over the Turks during the battle of Grobnik. Earrings with the Morcic symbol were often worn by sailors (one in the left ear) and their wives to commemorate their luck in that particular battle and offer them protection. (While other explanations exist, that one appears to be the most commonly accepted. Today, Morcic is the mascot and symbol of the town Rijeka.)

I’ll keep you posted on their protective powers, but I can tell you straight away I feel pretty darn lucky to be wearing such exquisite earrings.

P.S. Please don’t mind my hairy sideburns. I am Dalmatian after all and they come with the territory.


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