Mega Crushin’ on St. Vincent

I was first exposed to St. Vincent through Beck’s Record Club in which she and Liars frontman Angus Andrew sang a brilliant cover of INXS’ I Need You Tonight.  I’m fully aware that I’m late to the game here.  The more I learn about this talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, the more I want to learn about her.

Her songs touch on very dark themes while her vocals are at once sweet and haunting.  St. Vincent’s third studio album, Strange Mercy, was released in September of this year following her freshman and sophomore offerings, 2007’s Marry Me and 2009’s Actor, respectively.

Here are a few of my favourite St. Vincent tracks.

Surgeon (Strange Mercy).

Best, finest surgeon, come cut me open

Cruel (Actor).

They could take or leave you so they took you and they left you

Paris is Burning (Marry Me)

The Strangers (Actor)

Marrow (Actor)

And finally, check out her sick guitar skills in this cover of Big Black’s Kerosene.


Ahhhhhh LOVE.


2 Comments on “Mega Crushin’ on St. Vincent”

  1. thelemonspank says:

    Cruel takes video of the year for me. So clever.

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